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President's Welcome

I thank you for browsing our new website and hope it provides you with some interesting and valuable information.

FAWNA is a wonderful organisation and its membership of well over 100 is dedicated each in their own way to helping wildlife. We:


Rehabilitate    and


back into the wild our earths precious and diverse wildlife, which for a variety of reasons (accident, injury, illness) need our assistance.

The committee of FAWNA is made up of volunteers who go the extra mile (half way round the world by now) to ensure that our not for profit organisation is supporting its members as best it can. This support is in numerous ways including organising fundraising activities, addressing local issues relevant to wildlife, being proactive with other organisations, working alongside the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW), facilitating training, providing equipment such as cages and incubators etc as and when possible/needed, keeping everyone informed and much more. To make contact with any on the committee to find out more or provide suggetions click here.

A large number of our members are active in caring directly for wildlife but not all are or can undertake this important work. However, everyone is welcome in our organisation. Not all on the committee or in the membership generally have hands on caring roles either currently or permanently, but we all have the desire to do what we can to help!!!.

We trust your association with us will be a long one and we look forward to your views and suggestions and any offers of help you may have.

Thank you!

Regards Jeff Falconer

President FAWNA    (pictured below with Brian - a rescued ringtail possum)

(Image: Busselton-Dunsborough Mail article by N. Asher dated Jan 2, 2013)