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Caring for Reptiles

Do not handle snakes. Call a professional to handle.

Beware of teeth and claws.

Do not hold the tail of skinks or smaller lizards as they may drop their tail. Bobtails and larger lizards can be held behind the head whilst supporting the rest of the body from above, not just at the neck.

Place reptile in a box or cloth bag, eg. pillow case and keep warm. (Do not try to restrain the animal by tying legs or wrapping firmly).

An injured Freshwater Turtle should be placed in a box and kept in a warm place. Take to a vet. The vet should know that a cracked shell should not be repaired with resin or glue but with breathable gauze (like used on burns).Turtles then should be dry docked and only placed back into water briefly to feed and drink (water temp between 20-25 degrees).

DO NOT put Saltwater Turtles in freshwater. Treat as for Freshwater Turtles but always use sea water.

Saltwater Turtles have flippers. Freshwater Turtles have webbed feet with claws.